PostHeaderIcon PawTrax trackers for PeopleTrax

We have been supplying GPS trackers for owners to track their pet cats and dogs for several years.
We often get aksed if it’s possible to use our devices to keep track of people, such as elderly relatives who might wander etc.
Well we decided to bring out a new tracker specifically for tracking people.
It has many more functions, such as 2 way calling and person down alert and a battery life of 200 hours.
You can track by requesting a location via sms or live on the web platform
Check out our website for further details

PostHeaderIcon Setting up your PawTrax micro is now even easier

The PawTrax app is now avaiable from the Android Play store. Making it even easier to set up and control your PawTrax micro functions. iPhone coming soon

PostHeaderIcon PawTrax sponsors GBGW 2014

PawTrax are proud to announce that we are one of the sponsors for the Great British Greyhound Walk 2014. Now in it’s 5th year, this wonderful event takes place on the 22nd June with simultaneous sighthound walks taking place at venues thoughout the UK and Northern Ireland.
Great British Greyhound Walk

PostHeaderIcon PawTrax at Plumpton College 10th May

PawTrax will be at Plumpton College, East Sussex on May 10th 2014. Pop by and say hello

PostHeaderIcon Ben Fogle thinks PawTrax is “Brilliant”

Ben Fogle recently wrote about PawTrax in The Guardian Newspaper and also the Sunday Observer Tech Magazine – he said “It’s Brilliant”

PostHeaderIcon PawTrax in GQ Magazine

PawTrax got a mention in May 2014 UK edition of GQ magazine

PostHeaderIcon PawTrax In Collar now available

Our PawTrax Micro In Collar is now available to order from the website.

PostHeaderIcon New In Collar PawTrax coming soon

Our new In Collar Real Time GPS Tracker for dogs will be available soon.
The collar will be adjustable and in widths of 20mm and 25mm.
It will be waterproof and have all the functionality of our other trackers.We think it looks great a goes some way towards getting away from those ‘box on a collar’ looks

This is our rescued Lurcher Lewis - he has a very slim neck and as you can see the new collar looks great

This is our rescued Lurcher Lewis – he has a very slim neck and as you can see the new collar looks great

PostHeaderIcon Bingley Cat Killer

So glad he had a Pawtrax on or we would have never known!!

Sometime on Thursday 4th July our much loved cat Spider was shot dead by what is thought to be a high velocity rifle according to our vet.

The vet immediately dismissed an air rifle and commented that because of the sustained wound and the fact that the bullet passed through the cat it had to be a high velocity rifle and an illegal one at that. We were able to locate our cat via a PawTrax GPS Pet tracking device he was wearing.

As Spider had been missing for two days my wife Annie went to look for him and found his body in a disused barn on Walsh Lane. She immediately rung her husband Damian in distress and brought the cat home. It was then decided to route out the cause of death to see why a perfectly fit young cat had died so Spider was taken to Avenue Veterinary Practice in Shipley.

It was at this veterinary practice that the vet looked him over and concluded via x-rays that he had been shot with a high velocity rifle.

The police were informed on Saturday and are investigating the matter. I would advise pet owners in the Bingley area to stay vigilant as this sick individual might strike again.

My wife and I are both angry and devastated by what has happened. Spider was a small cat and there were no livestock in the surrounding area that Spider could have worried or attacked so the shooting was completely unprovoked.

If anyone has any clues as to who carried out the sick shooting then please contact the police immediately.

PostHeaderIcon Secret Life of the Cat – BBC Horizon

BBC TV’s Horizon discovers what your cat really gets up to when it leaves the cat flap. BBC2 Thursday 13/6/13 21:00

In a ground-breaking experiment, 50 cats from a village in Surrey are tagged with GPS collars and their every movement is recorded, day and night, as they hunt in our backyards and patrol the garden fences and hedgerows.

Should be quite interesting.

The technology they have used for the GPS tracking is a logger (weighing 35g) and it records the location of the cat and his movements on an SD card for later retrieval when the cat returns home.

Our new PawTrax micro weighs just 23g and is a live GPS tracker. You can log into your password protected account and view your cats present location and historic tracks.