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PostHeaderIcon GPS Trackers for elderly & dementia

PawTrax will soon be releasing a device called PeopleTrax.

PeopleTrax is a small GPS tracker, that looks like a small USB memory stick.

It weighs just 23g and is small enough to hang from a lanyard or put on a keyring.

Complete with SOS button and ‘eavesdropping’  function. Can be fitted with a PAYG sim (approx 1000 location upadtes for 5p)

PostHeaderIcon Lightest & Smallest GPS Cat Tracker

Expected end May, early June.

The smallest and lightest real time GPS cat tracker – weighs only 23g.

Looks like a small memory stick.

Firmware exclusive to PawTrax to give you the most accurate location.

We having been testing this unit over the last few weeks. It was placed inside two boxes and then in the rear footwell of a 4 x 4 and it still came back with a location

PostHeaderIcon PawTrax 4 Cats and People

We will soon be releasing our new PawTrax 4 Cats real time GPS tracker.

It is 60% smaller and 50% lighter than our present PawTrax – so small enough and light enough for your cat. 70 Hours battery when on standby

You can locate via sms or on our new web platform. Our new platform will record your cats historic tracks and also allow you to set up geo-zones so you will be informed if your cat moves in or out of a specifc zone.

This tracker can also be attached to a key ring or lanyard and be used to keep a watchful eye on your kids, elderly parents/relatives. It looks just like a small usb memory stick.

It has a SOS button that will send a ‘Help Me’ sms to up to five mobiles with its location. This tracker will also open up its tiny microphone allowing you to listen in

Keep checking the website for details, and