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PostHeaderIcon PawTrax is a Tracker not just a Logger

Some of you may have read an article in todays UK press regarding a GPS device called GPaw, similar other products exist such as the Igotu available in Maplins.

Whilst this is no doubt a  useful device it is not a live tracker but just a logger.

Loggers record GPS locations within its internal memory and needs to be plugged in to your PC in order to retrieve the location data.

This means your pet must return home in order to retrieve the device.

The PawTrax is a GPS tracker which means it can obtain your pets present location (where he is now) and send it to your mobile phone or our web platform as well as recording a history of where you pet has been.

So if you want to know where your pet is NOW get the PawTrax.

PostHeaderIcon Found – Cat – LS6

Found Female Tortise/ Calico (Ginger, Black & White
Found near the Grange Court Flats on North Grange Mount.  Very young friendly cat, being looked after until her owner is found. I’ve taken her to the vet for a health check. If this is your cat, please provide evidence. Contact Finder or PawTrax

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PostHeaderIcon PawTrax will not be at Crufts 2013

If you require further information on our product just vissit or email

PostHeaderIcon Lost – Cat – SW19

Norwegian Forest cat last seen on 3 March 2013. Contact PawTrax or owners

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