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PostHeaderIcon Gps Trackers give dogs more freedom

A new study has shown that if owners use a tracking device on dogs when out walking, their pets have more freedom and are more content.

A recent study has looked into the role technology plays in the relationship between humans and dogs.

It found that dogs’ behaviour was altered positively when a tracking device was used as participants said the stress of knowing the location of their pet dog when off the lead was minimized, resulting in the dog being given more freedom and becoming more contented.
Participants used a tracking collar and specialist tracking software hosted on a smart phone or computer. The evaluation took two different forms: observation of the animals’ behaviour and testimonials of their human companions.
Many of the human participants said it used to be distressing when their dog went missing, but that since wearing the tracking collar, the dogs were more relaxed because they themselves were more relaxed. Dogs also returned to their owners independently and more frequently, despite their names not being called constantly.
Tracking your dog on your phone gives them greater freedom and quality of life and it gives you as an owner peace of mind knowing they can be found even if you can’t see them.

PostHeaderIcon Lost – Cat – CR0

Pico disappeared from back garden area near Southend in South Croydon on 15th November. Friendly and gentle cat, may be shy in an unfamiliar environment but might answer to his name ‘Pico’. White patch on throat and stomach cream coloured with dark spots. Contact PawTrax or owners

This is Pico – click on image to enlarge

PostHeaderIcon Lost – Cat – DE75

Mimi disappeard whilst out for a stroll on 20 November. She is dark tortoiseshell. She is chipped and was wearing a gold collar. Contact PawTrax or owners

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PostHeaderIcon Lost – Dog – CM6

Ruby went missing from our garden in Broxted on the 14/11/2012. Gate had been opened, so she may have been stolen or just escaped. She has a white body, with black markings on her face, eyes and ears. She has a curly tail like a Shih Tzu.

Contact owners or PawTrax

PostHeaderIcon Lost – Cat – SW16

Mowgli is 7 years old Bengal and recenlty became lost owners just moved to area and cat probably disorientated by fireworks.

Contact PawTrax or owners