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PostHeaderIcon PawTrax helps the One Show – again!

We are tracking a cat called ‘Sgt Podge’ for an upcoming item on the BBC’s The One Show – watch this space for more details

PostHeaderIcon PawTrax at Cranleigh Show 5th August

We will be at the Cranleigh show on 5th August – pop by and say hello


PostHeaderIcon Lost – Staffie – KT22

Tyson was being walked by his owner at 3am when tyson ran after a fox he normally comes back to callin his name but on this occasion he hasnt.

Contact PawTrax or owner

PostHeaderIcon Lost – Cat – WS5

Her name is Mano, she is a female cat who is 1 years old. Also, she is black and white with greeny eyes. Unfortunately she has been missing from the Delves area of Walsall (WS5) since 3rd July 2012. I have posted posters out in the neighbourhood and had 2 possible sightings of her. She is not wearing a collar and is not micro chipped.

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PostHeaderIcon Skye’s Best Kept Secret? Greyhounds Anna and Molly

While the Isle of Skye is known for picturesque natural beauty, it currently has a unique set of furry beauties just waiting to be discovered: a set of gorgeous and loving retired greyhounds named Anna and Molly.

Thousands of greyhounds retire from racing every year in the UK, which means they are a lot of dogs looking for a new home. This is no small task by any means, but the Retired Greyhound Trust (RGT), the national charity with a network of more than 70 branches across Britain, is constantly caring for and finding that perfect home for these ex-racers. One of handful of branches serving Scotland, and The Isle of Skye RGT branch has found an impressive 187 homes for greyhounds in the past five years.

Mandy Reid, a RGT volunteer from the Isle of Skye Branch, said: “Anna came in with her kennelmate Molly, and they are stunning dogs, a set of really beautiful ladies. They have been kennelled together for years since having their last litters. Molly looks to Anna to make the decisions and the two of them get on great.”

“As best friends they are very close, and I think it would be upsetting for them if they were separated, that is why we are looking for a loving home with room for both of them. These well behaved girls are just looking to have a loving home in their twilight years.”

“Unfortunately, perhaps due to our remote location, Anna and Molly are struggling to find that perfect forever home,” explains Mandy. “I know they will be the ideal addition to a special family in Scotland, but the challenge is bringing the perfect family to them. It would be incredible if they could find their future owners soon so they could enjoy the rest of summer, playing in their new home.”

While some people may think that a greyhound will not fit with their lifestyle, it may not be the case. “Greyhounds are really easy to care for and live with,” explains Mandy. “They will only need two 20 minutes walks a day, so you don’t need a racetrack-sized garden. Their fur is short and they do not shed much, so grooming is simple. While they are lovable creatures, greyhounds can be quite lazy, so be prepared to share the sofa or to dedicate one corner of the room for a dog bed.”

To find out more about Anna and Molly and to see them in action, watch a specially filmed video at If you want to discuss them, or any greyhounds with Mandy, call 01470 511705 or visit