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PostHeaderIcon PawTrax provide trackers for Channel 4 TV show


In a TV first, Foxes Live: Wild in the City will carry out the broadest-reaching, most technologically advanced urban fox study ever conducted.

They will  be tracking wild urban foxes with hidden cameras, state of the art GPS tags, inner-city CCTV and onboard FoxCams.

Domestic cats in the vicinity of the foxes will also be tracked, using our PawTrax GPS trackers, to see how they interact with each other.

Details of the programme can be found here

PostHeaderIcon PawTrax help out at the Lurcherlympics

Peter from PawTrax GPS Pet trackers has put a website together to help Southern Lurcher Rescue raise funds.

Based on the theme of  The Lurcherlympics the website features the Lurcherlympic Torch Relay Route and visitors are asked to help transport the torch across SLR regions.

This is achevied by visitors buying a square on the route map for just £2 and uploading a picture of their pet with some supporting comments.

Some ‘special’ squares cost £10 and other ‘sponsor’ squares cost £20 and £25. Peter is pleased to say that his all time favourite rock band ‘Hawkwind’  have become sponsors.

Please visit the site, it’s a fun way of raising money and help in any way you can, even if its just posting a Tweet on twitter or a ‘Like’ on Facebook.

 The Lurcherlympics Torch Relay Route

PostHeaderIcon PawTrax and Denis the cat burglar on the One Show

Denis the Cat Burglar Newman from Luton collects ‘items’ on his travels, such as socks, flip-flops, sponges and brings them home to his Mum. Icon Films wanted to track his travels and find out where he was getting his stash. So, PawTrax supplied them with a PawTrax GPS tracker and tracked his movements over a period of a couple of weeks.

The results have been filmed and will be broadcast on the One Show on BBC1 on 3rd may at 7PM

More details of the PawTrax GPS Dog and Cat tracker can be found at

Denis with his PawTrax



PostHeaderIcon Lost – Cat – GL6

5 year old Tribble is a small black cat. Disappeared 2/4/12. Quite timid. Contact owners or PawTrax


PostHeaderIcon Lost – Lurcher – SE27

Shy – Brindle Lurcher – Has a slight purple stain on her back right paw. Rescue dog, so a bit shy and nervous. Last seen on St Gothard Road. Have been searching the West Norwood/West Dulwich area/Gipsy Road area – contact PawTrax