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PostHeaderIcon Cracker update

Further news! Another bandage change today and Crackers graft is doing well. There is a small area where the graft may not have taken but it is very small and the vets there are not concerned about it. Next bandage change is Thursday so will report again then but all positive so far.

PostHeaderIcon Veterinary update on Cracker

The vets at the hospital are very pleased with his progress so far. Although it is very early days in terms of skin grafts you get some indication as to how things are likely to progress at this stage. The graft appears to be knitting to the underlying tissue well at the moment and blood supply appears to be maintained , which is the key thing so early on. We will know more in the next 48-72 hours but at the moment there is no skin death on the graft which is very positive. He is comfortable and relaxed and coping well with his bandages so being a good patient also improves the chances of the graft working!

Another update soon but so far clinically he is doing as well as anyone could hope and the signs are positive!

PostHeaderIcon Smiles for Cracker – Helping to raise funds

Cracker is a beautiful Saluki x Collie. He has cellulitis and blood poisoning. It’s a mystery how this happened. He had a skin graft yesterday as his skin on his leg and chest is rotting and falling off.

PawTrax have set up a fund raising site for him, he is a rescue dog currently being fostered by a member of Souther Lurcher Rescue.

Please visit the site and buy a block on a grid for £3 and upload a smiley picture of your pet and a support message

PostHeaderIcon Stolen – Labrador – LA2

Brook was stolen from our garden.
He has a small white fleck below his chest, and a slight kink in his tail. Brook is entire and unfortunatley not chipped.
Contact PawTrax or owners

PostHeaderIcon Stolen – 4 Bengal Cats – WV2

4 year old BA is brown spotted – He was stolen from his outside locked pen along with 3 other bengals. He is an entire stud boy.

2 year old Akidi is also brown spotted – Stolen from his locked outdoor pen, he is an entire stud cat. Both of my stud boys were targeted as these cats cannot be seen from the road
7 year old Simba is neutered and is brown/gold and was stolen from his locked pen along with 12 year old Simba who is a snow spotted Bengal

Contact PawTrax or owners with any information