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PostHeaderIcon Found – Lurcher Cross? – LS11

Male, brindle dog found on Domestic Street in Holbeck, Leeds. The dog is fairly young perhaps around 12 months old. It is probably a cross breed with either whippet or lurcher or both. It has a friendly nature but is a little nervous at times.
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PostHeaderIcon Lost – Doberman – CM3

Very lively but very friendly. Tall and Slim with gangly legs. Very distinctive smile on greeting you. Undocked Tail. Neutered and Chipped. Very friendly dog.
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PostHeaderIcon Lost – Collie Cross – SY8

Black Collie Cross with white flash under chin, more grey around muzzle now than in photo. Very old, very deaf and almost blind, but very loved. He has his red collar on with his tags. Please check your gardens as he has a habit of getting stuck in awkward places now he is old. Contact owners or PawTrax

PostHeaderIcon Lost – Cat – BS34

Last seen 20th November 2010. She is microchipped so please get her scanned. Its free of charge. Distinctive face because she is black around her eyes and nose. If you live in the stoke gifford area please check your garages, sheds and cars.
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PostHeaderIcon Stolen – Cat – WV2

Last known living in Lime Street, cat was due to be returned to myself but occupants moved without telling me there new address!!! He is micro chipped and hopefully a local vet will pick him up and return him home.

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