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PostHeaderIcon Lost – New Zealand Huntaway – EH46

Both of my dogs escaped from our kitchen on early on Thursday 26th November, we found one at the front door and she had been hit by a car, the other has not been seen since
contact PawTrax or owner

PostHeaderIcon Stop the John Lewis Christmas Ad

The Christmas 2010 John Lewis advert shows a dog left out in the snow with inadequate shelter. It conveys completely the wrong message about the conditions in which it’s safe and acceptable to keep a dog, and this is intolerable and dangerous.
Dogs belong in the house with their people – not out in the snow in a ramshackle, doorless, bare kennel – even if it is adorned with fairy lights.
John Lewis need to take down the advert or change the ending.

PostHeaderIcon Stolen – Springer Spaniel – BR5

He was stolen form our home on 2nd November. reward offered for his return.
Contact owners or PawTrax

PostHeaderIcon Prevent Baby Buggy Theft

A black market in baby buggies has emerged and is worth around £60 million per year.
Thefts of baby buggies has doubled in a year.
Get the worlds smallest GPS tracker from us and covertly fit it to your baby buggy.
Visit for details