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PostHeaderIcon Lost – Cat – NP20

Willow is a grey and rusty pretty little slim cat. She does not wear a collar. she has a hooped tail with a rusty tip. She also has a half grey and half rusty head and grey paws. Beautiful green eyes. She has not been seen since 22 Oct 2010 and maybe got locked in an industrial building or in a Network Rail van. Very much missed. Maybe bigger reward depending on finances. Contact PawTrax or owners

PostHeaderIcon Stolen – Jack Russell – DT2

12 week old Jack Russell puppy taken from our garden on 6th october, Buckland Newton, Dorset. black & Tan with white chest and white toes, very friendly and gentle.
contact owners or PawTrax

PostHeaderIcon Kids and Peace Of Mind Locator

Peace of Mind for you and Freedom for your kids – always know where they are with our KidTrax GPS Locator – coming soon from PawTrax.

This device can be concealed in your kids school bag, lunchbox or pocket. Can easily be attached to a key ring or lanyard. Simply send it a text from your mobile and it will respond with the location of you child together with a link to Google Maps

PostHeaderIcon Fireworks and Pets – Help is at Hand

Some pets hate fireworks. Help is at hand with an all natural remedy fro

PETal drops have been created especially for animals. These flower essences work in a similar way to Bach flower remedies.

A combination of Fear and Confidence can help during this stressful time for pets.

A few drops of each during the lead up to the firework period maybe all that is required.

Visit and click on the shop link in the main menu