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PostHeaderIcon Lost – Dog – CM6

Ruby went missing from our garden in Broxted on the 14/11/2012. Gate had been opened, so she may have been stolen or just escaped. She has a white body, with black markings on her face, eyes and ears. She has a curly tail like a Shih Tzu.

Contact owners or PawTrax

PostHeaderIcon Stolen – French Bull Dog – Fulham

We need your help to trace a French Bull Dog that was taken by Two Women in a black car from North End Road, Fulham at around 4PM on July 25th 2012.

Merton Dog Watch is asking us if we could assist by spreading the word.

The owner has two little girls, who are devastated.

Police at Fulham have been informed and so has the local press, the family are beside themselves with grief.

Frank is microchipped and is out there somewhere!

If you see or think you know where this dog is , please let us know











PostHeaderIcon Lost – Jack Russell Terrier – W4

Dogger was pottering around outside our house, 66 Strand on the Green, and disappeared. He may have been stolen, or picked up by a ‘helpful’ person who thought he was lost (which he wasn’t). Contact PawTrax or owners

PostHeaderIcon Stolen – Spaniel Cross Collie – NN6

Dottie is 4 years old and disappeared from the farm yard immediately after a white Mercedes van was
spotted in the area.  It is out of character for her to go missing.  PLEASE if
you have any information, contact us or PawTrax

PostHeaderIcon Stolen – Labrador – LA2

Brook was stolen from our garden.
He has a small white fleck below his chest, and a slight kink in his tail. Brook is entire and unfortunatley not chipped.
Contact PawTrax or owners

PostHeaderIcon Stolen – 4 Bengal Cats – WV2

4 year old BA is brown spotted – He was stolen from his outside locked pen along with 3 other bengals. He is an entire stud boy.

2 year old Akidi is also brown spotted – Stolen from his locked outdoor pen, he is an entire stud cat. Both of my stud boys were targeted as these cats cannot be seen from the road
7 year old Simba is neutered and is brown/gold and was stolen from his locked pen along with 12 year old Simba who is a snow spotted Bengal

Contact PawTrax or owners with any information

PostHeaderIcon Stolen – Cat – WV2

Last known living in Lime Street, cat was due to be returned to myself but occupants moved without telling me there new address!!! He is micro chipped and hopefully a local vet will pick him up and return him home.

Contact owners or PawTrax

PostHeaderIcon Stolen – Springer Spaniel – BR5

He was stolen form our home on 2nd November. reward offered for his return.
Contact owners or PawTrax

PostHeaderIcon Lost/Stolen – Black – SharPei

Actress Sheridan Smiths Black Sher-Pei that went missing a couple of weeks ago has now been stolen.

Sheridan reports

“On Thursday night my dog Enid, (a black female Shar-Pei) was stolen. The police are convinced that it is a repeat offence and that last time was no accident. On their advice, I can’t give too much information. They are doing all they can but I need the power of all you kind people to help spread the word so I can find her. She needs daily medication and I’m worried about her health and safety”

PostHeaderIcon Stolen – Staffie – LU1

Contact owners