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PostHeaderIcon PawTrax saves a dogs life

Molly is now lying in her favourite place by the log fire.
She spent last night out in the open after running away when friends were looking after her.
We were struggling to get a location from her Pawtrax but thankfully Peter Callaway came to our aid and helped us get the GPS working.
As soon as we had a location we headed straight out to find her and the location was spot on.
Molly was all entangled in deep Bracken well away from from any path and would never have been found if it wasn’t for her tracker.

I would encourage any dog owner to buy one and get Pawtrax to set it up for you.

Without it we would have no Molly!!!

Karen (Manchester)

PostHeaderIcon Found – Cat – LS6

Found Female Tortise/ Calico (Ginger, Black & White
Found near the Grange Court Flats on North Grange Mount.  Very young friendly cat, being looked after until her owner is found. I’ve taken her to the vet for a health check. If this is your cat, please provide evidence. Contact Finder or PawTrax

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PostHeaderIcon Found – Kitten – OL4

This kitten is black and white and is wearing a pink and diamond collar with a pink bell

Contact finder or PawTrax

PostHeaderIcon Found – Lurcher Cross? – LS11

Male, brindle dog found on Domestic Street in Holbeck, Leeds. The dog is fairly young perhaps around 12 months old. It is probably a cross breed with either whippet or lurcher or both. It has a friendly nature but is a little nervous at times.
Contact PawTrax or Finder